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Liebert 7400

Liberton Series 7400

Today’s electrical network cannot provide High Nine power quality. Many problems like voltage / frequency fluctuations, harmonics, transients, blackouts, brownouts are still present. They may cause your critical and sensitive systems to fail with negative impact on your business. The Liebert series 7400 M addresses all the power quality needs of today’s networked economy by providing a perfect sinewave output voltage with stable frequency, over and above offering many other important customer values.

Liebert NXC


Liebert® NXc offers reliable and  exible secure power in a fully integrated package solution. It comes complete with highly ef cient transformer-free double conversion technology allowing it to provide installation and operating cost savings.With a rated output power factor of 0.9, the Liebert® NXc is also able to provide 11% more active power than a traditional 10-40 kVA UPS.

Liebert GTX+MT+


The Liebert® GXT MT+ features best-in-class power protection for critical applications with the use oftrue on-line double conversion technology. The Liebert® GXT MT+ has a comprehensive specifi cation that provides a higher level of availability to the IT equipment. It satisfies safety criteria and electromagnetic compatibility standards while offering intelligent monitoring and network management functions. This high performance UPS with proven reliability is available in compact tower design.

Liebert GTX


Emerson Network Power's Liebert GXT-MT+ features a comprehensive specification, satisfies safety criteria and electromagnetic compatibility standards, and offers intelligent monitoring and network management functions. Liebert GXT-MT+ satisfies your requirements for high reliability and high availability of the AC power supply. This is a high availability Emerson Liebert UPS System.

Liebert APM 18-90KVA

Liebert APM,18-90kW UPS

Liebert FlexPowerTM core assemblies incorporate distributed intelligence and scalable power in a common module. This technology allows configuration of a completely redundant power and control system, sized to match the capacity of the protected equipment. When power requirements change, capacity is easily added - without increasing the system footprint. Using Flexpower core assemblies, the Liebert APM can scale from 18 to 90kW in 18kW increments within a single cabinet.

Liebert Smartrow


The SmartRow solution has a room neutral design that lets you avoid many of the significant costs that come with a conventional data center buildout. Favorable implementation costs compared to using a conventional data center approach, due to savings from integrated fire suppression and ability to work in an existing non-raised floor environment without dedicated room cooling Reduce energy consumption by up to 27% compared to a data center with conventional design, perform less maintenance and reduce the costs of adding new equipment

Liebert GXTMT

Liebert Liebert GXT MTX +6KVA

Liebert GXT MTX+ 6kVA systems is true double conversion online UPS systems designed to provide with a capacity of 6 kVA. Liebert GXT MTX+ units feature total isolation of the load from the mains - isolating input and output sections, and making the systems ideal for VSAT applications. The units support hot standby configuration, making them suited for critical applications like banks.

Liebert GXT CX

Liebert GXT MT+ CX1/2/3 kVA

Liebert GXT MT+ CX is a full feature Transformer free UPS designed to offer Compact, Efficient and Reliable solution to Modern Electronic Gadgets. It features True Double Conversion On Line Back UP Power Solution for Small Data Centre, Data Networks, Voice Networks and Process Automation Equipments.

Liebert AF3

Liebert AF3

Liebert AF3 latest technology to eliminate harmonic injected into the mains supply by non linear loads, as well supplies inductive power demanded by the load, so as to correct input power factor to near unity. Three phase State-of-the-Art active filter, that dynamically cleans up Harmonics and improves Power Factor, for all types of electrical installations. It has dynamic control features and has no resonance effects, no reactive power circulation, no passive components.


Liebert EEU+VT 2/3/5VT 10/20/30/50 kVA

Transformer-Less String Topology Solar Inverters Multiple MPPT for enhanced reliability and better utilization MPPT efficiency ~ 99.9%, dynamic tracking based Paralleling upto 50 Units possible Versatile communication options and monitoring software to superviseVT operational status Inbuilt Output Short protection, DC and AC EMC filters, RCMU, additionalVT dry contact

Liebert GXT_MT_10_20_kVA

Liebert GXT MT 10/20 kVA

Liebert GXT MT + is a true on-line UPS that delivers continuous, high-quality AC power to connected equipment with no interruption when transferring to battery. It provides protection from blackouts, Brownouts, sags, surges or noise interference.


Liebert EEU 100/250 kVA

Built-in output isolation transformer for100kW , customized VT MVA transformer for 250KW Inbuilt Anti-islanding protection Inbuilt MCCB/MCB in Grid Path and Array Path Reverse polarity protection of Array, Input DC high protection Inbuilt Fuse on Grid and Array Side Protection against Slow variations in Grid Voltage LCD to monitor all important parameters


Avocent ACS / MPU power cord & Accessories

The Avocent MergePoint Unity Digital KVM Switch includes both KVM-over-IP and serial console management technology. Centralize the management of the switches with DSView 4 Management software.


AutoView Switch Hardware

The Avocent AutoView AV3016 is a digital KVM appliance which includes access for one digital users and access for a local user in a single solution that supports 16 target devices. The on-board Web interface lets you remotely and securely manage all connected servers and serial-based devices from any location. The local port gives you convenient at-the-rack access. These solutions also include local PS/2 and USB peripheral support.


RDU G2 components

The Liebert® RDU-A G2 is an infrastructure management solution from Vertiv that allows data center administrators to manage environmental conditions i.e. temperature and humidity, leak, smoke, vibrations and digital inputs and outputs.


RDU M components

Manage critical equipment activity involving data center power and thermal management at multiple sites and site monitoring around the clock. Vertiv provides 24x7 data center infrastructure management and network monitoring software, hardware, systems and services to provide continuous oversight and security of data centers, computer rooms and network closets, as well as applications for different market verticals.

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