Liebert MC Microchannel Outdoor Condenser, 28 – 220kW

The Liebert MC Microchannel Condenser is an outdoor air-cooled condenser that provides higher efficiency, while using less refrigerant. Features such as variable speed fans, advanced controls and a microchannel coil make this system uniquely innovative.


The Liebert MC features an aluminum microchannel coil with a variable speed fan for each coil section. Constructed with an aluminum cabinet, the Liebert MC is a low-profile, direct-drive, propeller fan-type unit suitable for mounting outdoors. It provides for the heat rejection of either one or two separate refrigeration circuits, matching heat rejection capacity varying with the outdoor ambient temperatures and with each corresponding compressor’s heat rejection requirements. The unit is quiet and corrosion resistant. Copper pipe connections are provided for brazing of copper field piping. Connections are located next to the electrical panel. All electrical connections and controls are enclosed in an integral weatherproof section of the condenser.

Models Height (in / mm) Width (in / mm) Depth (in / mm) Weight (lbs / kgs)
MCS,MCM,MCL 63 / 160 76-256 / 193-650 36 / 91 359-1835 / 163-832
  • Extremely efficient micro-channel coils
    Variable-speed EC fans
  • Compatible with R-410A, R-407C and R-22 refrigerants
  • Multiple voltage and refrigerant configurations available to match heat removal needs
  • Operates with higher efficiency than fin and tube condensers, with an annual savings of up to 85%
  • Improves unit and system efficiency at full and partial loads
  • Reduces refrigerant volumes and decreases refrigerant charge levels in matched condensers, by more than 50% on condensers without flooded receiver systems and more than 20% on condensers equipped with flooded receiver systems
    20-50% lighter installed weight