ASCO 5200 SERIES Power Meters

The ASCO 5200 SERIES Power Meters are microprocessor based metering devices that provides real-time measurement of single and three phase power systems.

Models Model User Interface Power Input Inputs Outputs

ASCO 5220 Power Manager Xp
5220 Power Manager Xp LCD Display 26VDC RS-485 and SCI ports

ASCO 5210 Digital Power Meter
5210 Digital Power Meter LCD Display 26VDC Isolated RS485 – 2/4 Wire Optional ASCO Ethernet communication module
  • Displays ATS position.
  • Displays power data as a function of ATS position (normal/emergency).
  • Accumulates energy data separately for normal and emergency sources.
  • Direct voltage input for systems up to 600 Volts AC can be monitored without the use of external potential transformers (PTs).
  • Measures three phase currents and a fourth current input is available for measuring current in the neutral conductor.
  • The 5200 SERIES includes one
    discrete input for transfer switch position.