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SNA Power has been a trusted name in premium quality business continuity solutions for the past 25 years. They offer UPS solutions for various industries and segments, lead acid and lithium ion batteries. They also offer Datacenter solutions (Racks, Cooling RDU, Sensors, KVM, etc) and Precision Cooling solutions (both Datacenter, Network, UPS/Battery room and QA labs). Additionally they supply sturdy and reliable power conditioning and power protection solutions like SPDs, OVCDs, Servos, etc. With a team of nearly 40 engineers they provide dependable service support to some of the major brands and organizations within North India.

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1KVA Online UPS, 2KVA Online UPS, 3KVA Online UPS, 6KVA Online UPS, 10KVA Online UPS, 20KVA Online UPS, 600VA Offline UPS, 1000VA Offline UPS

UPS Systems

Online and Offline (Line interactive) UPS systems from VERTIV

7AH SMF Batterty, 12AH SMF Battery, 18AH SMF Battery, 26AH SMF Battery, 42AH SMF Battery, 65AH SMF Battery, 100AH SMF Battery, 120AH SMF BAttery, 150AH SMF Battery, 180AH SMF BAttery, 200AH SMF Battery, Tubular Battery

Lead acid batteries

SMF and Tubular batteries for UPS and invertor applications from EXIDE, QUANTA, and all popular brands

Lithium ion batteries

Li ion battery solutions for UPS systems from RUSH LIBA brand

Lift UPS

Lift UPS solutions from Renutron

Oil Cooled Servo Stabilizer 3 phase, Air Coolr Servo Stabilized 1 phase


Durable servo stabilizers air cooled and oil cooled


Protection for sensitive electronics with over voltage cut-off device

Smart Data center

Smart Cabinets, Smart Row and Smart datacenter solutions by Vertiv

Precision Cooling

Precision AC for datacenters, laboratories and Smart Room Cooling for Network Switching and UPS rooms

EV Chargers for Electric cars, electric bikes, electric buses>
                        <h4>EV Chargers</h4>
                        <p>AC and DC chargers (7.5KW, 30KW, 60KW, 120KW and 180KW) from Panasonic
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